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Why Birthdays make me feel anxious…


mmm… I love Cupcakes! The cutest things ever…

My Birthday is only a few days away… Why do the years pass by so damn fast?

Since I turned 21, it feels like my life is travelling by in a Ferrari!

Each year seems to come & go so quickly. grrr.

I remember just before I turned 30, I went through the weirdest emotions…

It was like a mid-life crisis! Even now, I don’t want to get any older & the thought scares me!

It doesn’t help me being a female, whose most desired thing is to find mr right, marry & have children!

Men don’t have to worry about reaching an age where they can’t physically produce a child!

pftt… If men were in our shoes, they may understand why females don’t have the time to be commitment phobic, like so many modern males in Australia are! grrr.

There are so many things I still want to do & experience in my life.

It frightens me that even though I am only still in my 30s, I won’t have enough time to accomplish everything.

I know… I need to relax & enjoy the present moment, but there is a particular clock ticking loudly that definitely doesn’t help the situation! grrr.

I have done my pre-birthday venting for another year… Maybe one of these years, I will get to enjoy a Birthday again…

Cupcakes anyone?


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