Creativity… Chewing away at my Complex Cranium

It is 4am… Yep, unlike normal humans, I am still awake… Got a lil lost online & here I am still! Found this awesome Blog… Which then led me on some interesting online journeys!

Recently, a friend showed me a Free Postcard ( )she had picked up. It had the coolest drawing on it (see below), so I copied down the Website of the artist.

I finally got a chance to look at the site I had copied down & found her Blog … Oh Gosh…

I love some of her work. Actually, I don’t think there is any of her pieces that I don’t like! I need to buy some! 🙂

It led me on a discovery of a heap of really cool websites… Why does there have to be so many interesting sites? Plus… so many cool things I want to now buy!

I have recently been having creative pangs… It is about 15 years since I have done any Artwork… I can’t believe it is that long. I really want to get back into it & I have some ideas of stuff that I want to create. But, the real artistic spark isn’t burning strongly enough to get started yet. I guess I also have fear that my work isn’t good enough. Fear is an evil thing… It stops me from doing so much!

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One response to “Creativity… Chewing away at my Complex Cranium

  1. Hi there – scarlett here. I’m so thrilled you like my postcard and artwork. It’s funny you should mention the fear that your work isn’t good enough. I still get that. And I have yet to meet an artist who doesn’t feel like that fairly regularly. So don’t let it stop you from satisfying those creative pangs! xxx scarlett

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