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Famous People & their Online Presence

I just read about Stephanie Rice (Australian Swimmer) & her Facebook Profile drama on the Herald-Sun Website.

(If you Google ‘Stephanie Rice’ – I’m sure you will find many articles online about this).

For god sake, don’t the media have any respect at all? Actually, I already know they don’t, but I like to give them the benefit of the doubt sometimes. To go in & take personal pictures off Stephanie’s Facebook Profile, & then flash them on news sites for all to see & make a big deal about it, is ridiculous, to say the least. Don’t they have anything better to report about?

Give Stephanie a break – isn’t she allowed to have a normal life outside of Swimming? Obviously not. If you look at the average person her age on Facebook, you will see similar photos or some that are worse. Does the average person get their photos in the media & criticised? NO! Unless of course, a person gets their name somehow in the media for something else & then Journalists hunt them down on Social Networking Sites. Journalists then have a field day, making these individuals profiles known to the general public & making mountains out of mole hills over the profile content, or even blaming MySpace & Facebook for issues.

(Don’t even start me on the way Facebook & MySpace are constantly portrayed in the Media as evil, or the cause of Teenage Problems).

I am on heaps of Social Networking Sites – god forbid I ever make the Media for some reason – they will have a field day finding me! Even though my profiles are public, I never include any info or photos that I would not want seen by the world. So, journalists wouldn’t find anything too dramatic to make a big deal out of, but, I guarantee they would still make something out of my profiles!

Seriously, just leave the Australian Swimmers, like Stephanie, alone – they have every right to be on Facebook. I would just suggest that, all the swimmers put their profiles on private – so only their Facebook friends can view their photos, but not to make their profiles invisible, so that their old friends can still find them & contact them.

I would also suggest doing that, to anyone who is in the spotlight for Sport, TV or whatever, as the Media have a habit of making a big deal out of them even being on Facebook or MySpace. These people are still humans, despite being well known, and they have every right to be registered on those sites.

Honestly, there are more important issues in this world to worry about & report on, rather than focusing on what a well known individual does in their private life. If a well known person chooses to tell or show the world online, what they are doing in their personal life, so be it. All it shows is, they are just like the rest of us – human!

We somehow expect a well known individual to live in a box, & live some sort of artificial life all the time. No one in this world is perfect, so why do we expect that famous people are? We don’t need to persecute them for having a life outside of what they are known for. Why make a big deal out of it, just for them doing the things everyone else does? Unless they are doing something illegal or criminal, what is the issue?

I admit that I like to read Gossip about Famous People, and I doubt there is anyone in this world who doesn’t actually read it. (I do not buy those trashy publications that are purely made up of gossip though!) But, at the end of the day, what good does that gossip I read, do for me? Half of what we read is not even true or has been misconstrued! I know that many Famous People have chosen to be in the spotlight or have been born into it, so they have to expect that their lives are continually scrutinised by the world. It is just part of what happens when you become well known, but do the media need to go to the extent that they do? Is it really necessary for us to know everything about these lives?

I am just glad that I am an average human – I wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight, when it also means that nothing you ever do or say is sacred…

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