My Idea of a Greek God = Ang Christou

During my life, I have been a Fan of many Singers, Bands, TV, Movie & Sports Stars, but one will always stand out.

Mr. Ang Christou – Former Carlton Footballer.

In my Late Teenage Years, when he was playing AFL Football, I was smitten by his looks, personality & football ability. I idolised him & thought he was downright awesome.
But what Ang went through with his Back Injury in 1997-98, was what cemented nothing but total respect for him. He then became, the person I thought about when life dealt me personal setbacks. Ang had battled hell & come through in the end, so I knew it was possible to also hang in there.

I used to write to Ang randomly & to this day I still have his letters & photos. It meant a great deal that he would make the effort to personally write back.

Ang will always remain an inspiration to me.

To read about his current life – see the link below.,25197,22652423-5012694,00.html

He currently co-owns the Souvlaki Hut restaurant in Lower Templestowe, with former team-mate Anthony Koutoufides.



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One response to “My Idea of a Greek God = Ang Christou

  1. Jenny

    Hey Isabelle, it’s Jenny from Melbourne from Teresa’s site. I never really follow the actual game of AFL, but I definitely have noticed Shane Crawford. Saw him on the footy show panel once all dressed up. Woo hoo. Here have a cup of coffee….only for Melburnites!!! It arrived in days:

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